My Rollers keep wearing down. Is my door unbalanced?

I have a garage door that is nearly 20 years old. Several months ago I notices that the rollers were wearing very quickly to the point of destructing. Everything else seems to be the same, ie the door seems balanced and I’ve been taking good care of the door in general. So I changed the rollers and they started wearing again soon afterward. Like I say, I’ve been maintaining the door well and have replaced the motor and springs once in the past 5 years. What can I do?

First I highly recommend you not mess with the springs as they can be extremely dangerous. Which side is your motor mounted on. Center is the best but you really have to make sure it’s right so it won’t pull to either side. One way to test this is to disengage teh motor by pulling the release which is usually on the ceiling. Then pull the door shut and push it open. Do you feel it “catch” or bind anywhere? Also, try to leave the door in mid closed mid open position. It should hang there. If it starts gliding up or down you have a balancing problem.

If you’ve painted your door over the years sometimes that locks moisture in and warps the door slightly knocking it out of alignment.