Choosing a garage door opener

The garage door opener remote is what makes garage door openers great, and when they get lost, it’s a serious pain. So lots of people buy an extra one to be on the safe side. You can get them at the local hardware store, but which one?

There is a fair amount of variety in garage door remotes so it’s worth your while to bone up on them. Manufactures have their own propriety models, but there are universal openers as well.

How do i find out the specs of my remote? First you have to dig out the documentation that came with your opener. Lacking that, note the exact model and manufacturer and buy one that is meant specifically for your door. This is not normally necessary unless your model is older than say 10 years or it is no longer manufactured.

Universal openers are the other main choice. They can be programmed to work with just about any model; however there are several universal models (which sound like a contradiction) and the work with different openers.

You need to determine how many features you want as well. If you just want the door to open, then only one button will be needed. If you have more than one door and you want the remote to do other things like turn on the lights, well it can get about as complicated as you want.