Help! My garage door pulls to one side!

GR in Spring writes:
Russell, I’ve been having this weird thing with my garage door. A few weeks ago I put in a new garage door opener. Now, when I open the door it looks like it’s crooked and i can’t figure out if there is something with the tracks or what. The door seems to go down OK. I didn’t have this problem before I installed the opener though.

Russell writes:
This is one of the most common garage door problems, and it’s almost always something to do with springs or cables.

What happens is that sometimes the cables slip off the drum. The drums are at the top or the door and as you lift the door, one of the drums is not pulling on the cable with the same tension as the other one. And that will make the door go crooked. One thing: avoid putting the door all the way up if possible, because the higher it goes, the more it will run off the tracks and eventually you will break the track or the door will come off the track entirely. Then you’ll have a problem of the possibility of a garage door that weighs hundreds of pounds falling on you. GET A PROFESSIONAL!

Most likely you accidentally dislodged the cable when you were putting the opener in.