Garage Doors

A residential garage door is made up of a number of components: springs, brackets, openers and the door itself.

As you already know, the residential door is the most prominent part of the garage door. This is particularly true in Spring, TX, where the value of homes is on the upswing. Doors are commonly divided up into two varieties:

  1. the tilt up door consists of a single panel that passes outward and the upwards and into the garage bay. These have historically been the most common and the least expensive. They are almost universal if the door is made of wood.
  2. the sectional roll up is one in which the door is divided up into ‘slats’ on a track and each slat individually passes upward into the garage bay. The slats are connected with hinges.

It is torsion springs that allow the door to pass up and down without much human effort or energy. A couple of wound springs are placed on a shaft, and then steel counterbalance cables. As the user opens the door, the springs absorb the weight that would normally need to be exerted by human strength. Because the springs have so much responsibility in lifting the door, they wear out relatively frequently, about once every three to seven years, depending on the quality and strength of the springs.

Garage doors come in a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, stainless steel and aluminum. Because wood is considered the most aesthetically pleasing, these materials’ surfaces are often covered with vinyl that has been molded to look like wood. A-Bald Garage Door Repair in has the biggest selection and the best trained staff in Spring, TX.