Why is my garage door opener so loud?

One client asks:
I have a garage door that needs repair because it makes too much noise. It’s not the pulleys or anything, it’s the motor for the door opener. Is there anything can do to reduce it? Our living room happens to be next to the garage so we can’t just ignore it.

If the noise isn’t intermittent, or creaky or anything like that I’m pretty sure that the reason for the noise is that you have a really old opener. Back in the day garage doors were all AC and they did indeed make a lot of noise. But with the arrival of DC motors that changed everything. They not only were more efficient working (less jerky, no has heavy), they saved a lot on electricity. Furthermore, DC motors offer soft start and soft stop lessens the pressure between the door and the opener. Essentially the door begins moving slowly and increases rate of speed until it’s almost closed, then does the inverse operation to stop.

The drawback of the DC motor is that it’s more expensive, and more difficult to install. On top of that DC current doesn’t come out of your wall socket, so something that will convert from AC to DC will need to be installed as well.