Windcode, hurricanes and your garage door

There are so many types of climates in the United States, it’s hard to even describe them. This will be of importance to one facet of your garage door, and that is what is called Windcode.

Windcode is essentially a description of how much reinforcement is built into the door when it’s manufactured. Some people live in hurricane zones, so they will need the highest windcode available, which is 5. Wind pressure exerts an enormous amount of stress on the garage door, more than you might imagine. In Spring TX we do get a little close to the hurricanes, but in general we’ve been lucky, and that’s why we don’t need the most reinforced doors around here.

Windcode has no effect on the look of the door, so there will be no sacrifices there. It might help for you to do some investigating as to how strong a door must be according to local building codes. Remember, the garage door salesman won’t necessarily steer ¬†you in the right path so be prepared.

A few more things to think about:

  • Most hurricane damage to a home comes from a garage door that caved in in the wind.
  • At least 50% of homes have garage doors that have outlived their old building code. You won’t necessarily be made to buy a new one by law, but you will have to make sure you get one that’s up to code when you get a new one.
  • Worst of all, most people are completely unaware of Windcode and it’s importance. this means that they are in a rather vulnerable position if they live in a place with heavy wind storms.

Improvements in Garage Door Safety

A number of years ago there was a big hue and cry about garage door safety. There had been a number of high profiles news stories about people getting seriously hurt by their garage doors. A lot of it was exaggerated, but it led to changes in product safety standards for garage doors. This led to the introduction of safety sensors for all garage door openers. This means that if the door detects something in the way of the door closing, the door closing mechanism shuts off and disaster averted.

All in all it is a good thing. While not that many people were hurt, it’s good to know that there are fewer reasons to not buy a new garage door for your home or business. Here are a few things¬† you can do in order to make your garage door safer.


1. To make sure that the automatic reversing system is working, simply put a box on the ground, say something about the size of a show box, in the path of the door where it will close and then hit the close button. When the door hits the box it should reverse; if it doesn’t then you will need an experienced repairman.

2. Regularly inspect your garage door. Honestly sometimes people just don’t even look at the door until something goes wrong. Just looking at the springs, rollers and in general everything. You don’t have to know anything about garage doors, but you have to learn how to notice when something is different.

3. Learn how to use the garage door’s emergency release. A lot of people find themselves in a spot where the door doesn’t work and don’t know how to work the emergency release.

4.Don’t let kids play around with the garage door remote. This should be a no brainer, yet so many don’t keep an eye on the kids enough to prevent this very common accident.