My garage door chain is loose

The chain on my door opener is slack, but only on one side. I have looked everywhere for a solution but found nothing. Can you help?

Help is on the way:
It’s not particularly uncommon for one side of the chain to be slack. However in some cases it can be really bad, like if it is so slack that it hits something else.

The number of solutions to this problem are few. If you do undertake the task yourself, only do the work with the door in the closed position and with the opener disconnected.

There is a thing called a master link, which is the chain is attached to the torsion cable. You will see there some nuts and washers. You can tighten the chain by loosening the nut closest to the chain, and then tighten the one farthest from the chain and closest to the trolley.
If you’ve ever tightened a motorcycle chain, it’s the same principle. In the case of the motorcycle you loose the bolts on the wheel and then turn the screws tighten the chain, then tighten the wheel bolts.

The only other way to tighten the chain is to tighten directly from the body of the opener. You need to open it up for this, but when you do you’ll see an adjustment screw directly across from the motor wheel. It may be a little difficult to get in there though.

As always, don’t make it too tight. The chain needs a little slack to do its job and tightening it will wear the links.