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Nobody thinks about their garage door. You use it every day without thinking, but like anything else mechanical it’s going to break eventually.  In some cases that door gets so old you plain ol’ need a new one. This raises the question as to whether you should have your garage door repaired or a get a garage door replacement.

If you’ve been living in Spring, TX a long time, a lot time you don’t really need a new garage door, and having it fixed will save money. If your garage door is noisy, you may have some springs that need to be replaced. Likewise if you find that your door is heavy to lift. If you door does not open at all, the problem is often with the opener. The sensors may require cleaning, or in more rare cases there is a problem with the electricity supplying the opener. As always, regular maintenance can help prevent problems. Having someone come out and look at your door once a year to lubricate the mechanical parts can prevent wear that will eventually require a new one.

There are a number reasons as to why you might need a new garage door.

If you have an old wooden door, it’s only going to cost more and more to fix it. And while you don’t need a really durable door in Spring, TX like you do in other states, today’s garage doors are made of only the most durable materials, including aluminum and vinyl coating. Even if your door isn’t wood, the bearing and springs get so old it doesn’t make sense to keep fixing it.

Improved insulation. The newest doors can help keep the heat in if you live in a cold area, or keep it out if you live in a hot area. The latter is especially important if you spend a lot of time in the garage on your hobbies. Your savings in utility bills will help pay for the door!

Improved security. The best doors are almost impossible to drill through and lock systems are more sophisticated than older technologies.

Improved safety technology. Doors now regularly come with sensors that detect whether someone is in way of an opening or closing door.

A-Bald Overhead is a full service company proudly serving Houston, Spring TX and surrounding areas. We are committed to providing outstanding garage door service, repair and installation at very competitive prices.

Our company was also fortunate enough to get the opportunity to provide our services to the many residents of Galveston Island due to the devastation caused by hurricane Ike.

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